Caldwell Board of REALTORS®
Filing a Complaint
and the
Arbitration Filing Process

Arbitration Request:

Must be filed within 180 days after the closing of the transaction or within 180 days after the facts constituting the arbitrable matter could have been known in the exercise of reasonable diligence, whichever is later.

The process is very similar to filing an Ethics complaint. The Caldwell Board of REALTORS® will supply a request for Arbitration form.

1) Name the REALTOR®(S) in question as the Respondent(s) must include a principle broker of the firm.

2) Indicate the amount in dispute

3) Include an explanation of the situation. State why you feel you are entitled to an award of some kind. Remember don't include allegations of unethical conduct in your argument. If you think there have been unethical violations, they must be handled separately with an Ethics complaint.

4) Attach copies of any and all pertinent documents such as listing agreements, purchase and sales agreements, closing statements, etc. and any notarized statements from witnesses.

5) The Board/Associations require an Arbitration fee so check with the Board/Association for the exact amount.

6) You will probably be asked to sign an Arbitration agreement indicating your commitment to abide by the decision of the Hearing Panel.

7) Send the entire package to the Caldwell Board of REALTORS® to the attention of the Executive Officer but keep a copy for yourself. Your request will then be processed through the Grievance Committee.

Remember that it is not unusual for a Board/Association to receive an Ethics complaint and an Arbitration request surrounding the same set of circumstances. If you think the REALTOR®(S) violated the Code of Ethics and you have a monetary dispute with him/her, you must complete BOTH forms.

NOTE: The Idaho Association of REALTORS® has a Mediation process and in 2012 the Board of Directors approved its mandatory use prior to Arbitration for those Boards that contract with the Idaho Association of these services.