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Affiliate Application


Affiliate Application

Caldwell Board of Realtors® Affiliate Application
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  • By signing below, the * "Affiliate Member(s)" agrees to allow the Caldwell Board of Realtors and or it’s associated board member and or general members to put information including but not limited to Affiliate’s Logo, Business Name, Owner Name and or Manager, Email, Phone Number, and Business Address on various websites, flyers, pamphlets, banners, or any other marketing material for the purpose of giving the affiliate more exposure with the hopeful intent of driving business to such Affiliate. *"Affiliate Member(s)" shall be real estate owners and or other firms who, while not engaged in the real estate profession as defined in the By-Laws, have interests requiring information concerning real estate and are in sympathy with the objectives of the Association. Affiliate Members can also be members that provide a beneficial service to Realtors.®
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